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Fatal Destination: Coronado Mystery

Click to visit this new doorway site (Fatal Destination) and encounter three books about one of our national and San Diego greatest stories. On Thanksgiving Day 1892, the Beautiful Stranger checked into the stylish new (1888) Hotel del Coronado whose white towers and red roofs sit looking out over the most South Pacific looking beach in North America. Five days later, she lay dead of a gunshot to the head on the beach stairs behind the great resort. Was it murder or suicide? Her case instantly became a national sensation in the Yellow Press, tainted with rumors of scandal and dalliances with unnamed 'men in high places.' Furthermore, there remains even today a famous ghost legend—does she really wander the halls and stay in her old room (today #3327)? I am certain I've solved the case. Three books: (1) Dead Move (nonfiction/scholarly analysis); (2) Lethal Journey (rousing noir thriller); (3) Coronado Mystery (both #1 and #2 packaged in one economical volume).


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