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Airport Novel

If you crave a LONG read, I have several for you (read half of each free). Since virtually all of my novels include strong suspense plus a delightful romantic story thread, I call them my Big Romantic Adventure Novels. We have (1) Orbital Sniper, my James Bond and The Saint homage, with strong flavorings of Helen MacInnes, Eric Ambler, John Le Carré, and similar; (2) Siberian Girl, my grand tour, global, covering half a century and two epic wars, similar to Herman Wouk's Winds of War among other classics; (3) Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller inspired by Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Identity (1970s novel; 2003 classic thrillerm movie); also surprising deep influences by John Buchan (1915: The Thirty-Nine Steps) and (this will blow you away) TWO (not one) Alfred Hitchcock classic thriller films based on Buchan's archetypal thriller about an innocent man on the run for a crime he didn't commit, which he must solve alone to save himself and save his country! In my Valley novel, set in the near future, the young man and woman on the run from Paris to Luxembourg must save themselves and the World!


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