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On Saint Ronan Street

One Book, Four Books Started 1976 while stationed with U.S. Army in Europe, age 27, lonely, homesick like most young single G.I.s. The novel ms (nearly published at the time) survived in a dusty box until published around 2016 as On Saint Ronan Street (OSRS) after a romantic street near the Yale University campus in New Haven, CT where this love story between a young poet and a neglected young faculty wife plays out. As the subsite relates (rich info!), 40 yrs later I added a book of poetry (by the fictional hero of OSRS) titled Cymbalist Poems. Combined both in one volume, 27duet since I was 27 when I wrote the book and also when I quit writing poetry (almost 500 poems done). FINALLY: Around 2018, I got the wild idea (for reasons told in the subsite) to clone OSRS as a Paris-based novel titled Paris Affaire. Good a good review from Kirkus for it (see Kirkus Reviews: Paris Affaire). The original was a very Gallic, melancholy, slow love story. With decades of thriller writing experience, I spiffed the ending up a bit in Paris Affaire. Info on the site (click).


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