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WELCOME: In my 25+ years online, I have built a lot of websites and published much of my poetry, fiction, and nonfiction as a professional author, editor, journalist, and researcher, spanning more decades than I care to think about. All will be explained as I bring this subplex of my webplex into full operation. Thanks for your patience and interest. Please stand by for more info.

My Nonfiction in General. I began my professional writing career as a summer intern newspaper reporter (The New Haven Journal-Courier, CT) while studying for my B.A. in English (with relateds in History, Languages, and Journalism) at the University of Connecticut. I have been researching and writing interesting info about our world ever since. That's in addition to my poetry (ages 7-27) and my fiction (over 40 novels, dozens of short stories, still going strong). There is some overlap between analytical, literary fiction and scholarly research/reporting, as noted for example regarding my Coronado Mystery (below, and featured at its own subplex).

The Atlantis Daily Journal, or: Galley City News. I've created a new primary nonfiction site dedicated to my early years as a successful summer intern newspaper reporter, where I learned the basics of journalism including writing and editing. Unlike fiction, the primary journalistic approach is called the inverted pyramid for example. Say it all in the first three grafs, and then go deeper. That's because your editor may need to cut most of your article (in those days, generally, to make room for lingerie ads from the big department stores in town, which was by far the primary source of income for newspapers (advertising revenue rather than subscriptions). You learned the basics from the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, which included irritating usages like 'employee' with one 'e,' and eliminating the serial comma which should be doctrinal for all educated writers; reason: in the early 20th Century, to minimize teletype keystrokes.

The Atlantis side reflects my summers at the now-defunct newspaper, while Galley City is a reference to my Bookstore Metaphor website named Galley City ( where you can read over a million words (fiction, poetry) free on a try-buy basis. Visit that fiction/poetry website for details.

Key Concept Sites (Nonfiction). Other websites I have created over the years in support of my nonfiction writing include Reading Room FYI etc.

Famous Mysteries FYI (Nonfiction). A special subset is Famous Mysteries FYI, which (as the title indicates) offers solutions to a number of special, hoary old enigmata like the Sator Square (ancient Roman) and more (TBD, in work).

More info coming soon. In the meantime, you can access some of the special nonfiction sites, or visit Galley City to read over a million words (mostly fiction and poetry) free. Info follows.

Read Half Free/Try-Buy (The Bookstore Metaphor)

Galley City, Read-a-Latte, Bookstore Metaphor. Meanwhile: I grabbed the info below from my major GALLEY CITY website, where you can read (free, no obligation, no tracking, totally anonymous) over a million words of my work. For the novels especially, the bookstore concept is explained below. Read half free on a try/buy basis. No tracking, no data, no cookies…not even a breath mint. Sales are via the Amazon website, where I have been an Affiliate in good standing since 1999.

About the Galley City Concept

about The Reading Room FYI or Read Nonfiction by John T. Cullen Famous Mysteries FYI

What's Read-a-Latte?

read-a-latte for the price of a coffee, own a book for lifeRead Half Free/Try-Buy. You can read free half of my HTML books (a.k.a. galleys, ARCs) all day. Most are fiction (novels across several exciting genres). Some are nonfiction, including my Sator Enigma book (History), my Exogravitation (Science/Cosmology). If you like it, and want to know how it ends, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can thank the author and buy the book. Unlike the coffee, which is gone in a few minutes, your e-book will be with you forever. It's a great way to support Clocktower Books, and keep the free r coming from Galley City. Thank you!


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